In a relationship, INFPs are dedicated and loyal

In a relationship, INFPs are dedicated and loyal

INFP and relationships

INFPs are sensitive and driven by introversion, which may confuse a friend or partner. While they may seem hard to reach, INFPs often have a strong inner desire to make a difference in the lives of the people they care about. Though INFPs take a while to open up to people and are very selective about who they let in, they become very close with those they are able to trust and rely on.


INFPs are intuitive about the dynamics in a group, even if they are just meeting the other people involved. This allows them to easily “read the room.” And while they’re able to easily confront others about their problems, but they can be indirect about resolving the issue completely.

Quick tips: When involved in conflict, INFPs should speak clearly and communicate their desires very directly. While they are always led by their own values, they should attempt to see the other person’s values as well.

INFP and love

It may take a long time for them to let a potential partner in, as they’re very selective about who they share their feelings with. INFPs are not typically known for dating around, but rather choosing a partner based on mutual trust and shared values.

Once in a relationship, INFPs are empathetic and very in tune with their partner’s feelings, and they often put a great deal of thought and effort into helping their partner achieve their goals. They’re always looking toward the future, and they often see potential for long-term partnership when they’re in a relationship.

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INFP and parenting

Parenting isn’t easy. But understanding your MBTI personality type gives you a big advantage when it comes to raising your kids. Knowing about your communication habits, stress triggers, values, and how your personality is similar (or different) from your children can make you a better parent. As a parent with INFP preferences, the strongest part of your personality that your family sees is extraverted. This means that your family likely perceives you as being collaborative, considerate, and outwardly decisive. Unless you’re stressed that is.

As an INFP parent, you’ll likely find yourself stressed by children impeding on your individuality, mundane childcare work, or being rushed. Knowing your stress triggers is especially important as a parent because you need to be able to care for yourself to best care for your children. If you think your child’s preferences are similar to your own (especially when it comes to the Intuition and Feeling preferences), you can better understand how they take in information and how they make decisions – both very important in terms of how you communicate as a parent.

If you think your child’s preferences are different than yours (especially if they have a Sensing or Thinking preference), you’ll have the know-how to change your communication style and your parenting to better suit their preferences. Essentially, you’ll be able to “speak their language”. By integrating awareness of differences into your family’s life, your whole family will benefit from the insights, just as you benefit from turning your personality knowledge into action.

INFP and friendship

As friends, INFPs value authenticity and depth above all else. They reserve their true personalities for select few people, and they are often drawn to other feeling types. INFPs are intuitive and great listeners, and while they can inject themselves into a friend’s life quite a bit in order to try to help them, they are often intuitive about what the other person needs.

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